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A mastermind group enables motivated individuals from all walks of life and business to come together in order to help the whole achieve success. This time-tested mode of interaction, networking and leadership has supported and inspired countless world leaders, artists, inventors and investors. Collective intelligence through a mastermind group allows you to tap into the skills and networks of others in order to find greater success in your own endeavors.

A mastermind group allows you to access a unique “Master Mind.” Through this powerful mind, you are able to reach beyond your current limitations and expand into new horizons of thought. Business and success expert Napolean Hill in his 1928 book, “The Law of Success” defined a “Master Mind” as a mind that is expanded by cooperating with people (at least two) in harmony and with the same positive goals and energy. These minds coming together create what is known as a third mind – the “Master Mind.” Each member of the group can access the third mind and use it to find illumination and motivation. The mastermind model allows people to grow personally and professionally through an interactive group setting that is more lively and social than traditional leadership, coaching or training programs.

Mastermind groups provide a personal and business building alternative to generic approaches that do not take into account the benefits of utilizing a variety of experiences and skills, shared goals and a harmonious atmosphere.

LA Mastermind Group is led by marketing and sales guru Derek Emery. Derek has a strong background in business leadership and his passion for innovative business solutions is inspiring and contagious. Following training with Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, he has become an approved mastermind group leader through GKIC. GKIC is the leader in training business owners and their coaches with a positive track record of teaching people how to effectively market and build their companies in order to achieve their goals.


Los Angeles Mastermind Group

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