LA Mastermind Group FAQ

LA Mastermind Group FAQ

What kind of people join mastermind groups?

This country’s most creative thinkers and successful leaders have created and taken part in mastermind groups. Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Calvin Coolidge are all examples of extraordinary men who founded or took part in mastermind groups. Entertainment gurus Oprah Winfrey and Simon Cowell have both joined mastermind groups. Any individual ready to utilize the power of attraction with like-minded people working together to achieve success is a prime candidate for thriving in a mastermind group environment.

What are the benefits of joining a mastermind group?

Mastermind groups are ideal for people looking to expand their professional network, collaborate on projects and gain valuable insight about running a business or executing a project. A mastermind group allows you to cross-promote your networks and businesses, ensuring you and the members of your group have the ability to achieve the most benefits through your association.

What happens during a mastermind group meeting?

Each mastermind group is unique and no two group meetings will be the same, but during group meetings members actively build a unique community that supports and enriches its members. Through the guidance and leadership of Derek Emery trained in mastermind strategy by GKIC, the members of the group will give each other support and feedback in a focused environment. The group provides many opportunities for brainstorming, collaborating and information sharing.

Why is attending mastermind group meetings important?

Mastermind group meetings are essential in order to gain input from the other members of the group as well as share networking information. Investing time and energy into building your business means finding experts, collaborators and supporters that can bring unique ideas and solutions into your world. While it is possible to gain insight through phone calls, texts and emails – nothing compares to real life interaction with people who can help strengthen your business and personal lives.

Does a person need to be an expert in their industry to join a mastermind group?

No. All you need to be a part of a mastermind group is the ability to share your personal experiences and an interest in yourself and the other people in your group succeeding.

Who do I talk to about conflicts I am having with someone in the group?

Derek Emery is the LA Mastermind Group program facilitator and is the person who will be able to help you work through any conflicts you might have with another individual in the group. It is important for all members of the group to feel safe and comfortable at all times.

Can I create my own “Master Mind” with any two or more individuals? 

No. A third mind can be created when two or more minds collaborate, but this mind will not necessarily be a “Master Mind.” A mastermind group focuses on helping the particular individuals involved work in complete harmony with each other towards success. Without good energy, relevant experiences, and effective facilitation that enables all members to access information and a shared goal, a third mind is not a “Master Mind.”

Is joining a mastermind group the same as participating in a business coaching or business training program?

No. Although participants may achieve the results they would hope for in a business training or coaching program, a mastermind group is an interactive experience – the “Master Mind” that is created is unique based on the individuals that come together in the group and the information they share. Due to each person’s role in guiding the group and determining what to add to each session in order to best facilitate success for all, each mastermind group session will be a one-of-a-kind experience.

What should I bring to a mastermind group meeting?

There are no formal rules for attending mastermind group meetings, but it is important to be able to easily share information with other members of the group. Business cards, fliers and brochures about your business are helpful for engaging other people and exchanging contact information. Items to jot down notes like a pen and notebook will come in handy for those not taking notes on a portable electronic device. The most important items to bring to any mastermind group meeting are an open mind, a positive attitude and the willingness to share thoughts and ideas.

Is LA Mastermind Group affiliated with any religious or spiritual organizations?

No. LA Mastermind Group is not affiliated with any religious or spiritual organizations. People from all religious backgrounds and spiritual beliefs participate in mastermind groups, benefiting from each person’s unique experiences, perspective and network.

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